Friday, January 22, 2010

Mod Sallyd is on War of Legends

Mod Sallyd was on War of Legends tonight. Here is what she talked about.

[World chat] Whoneeds1:and it won't be fun when they start charging you for jcreds

[World chat] Mod Sallyd:remember the game hasn't been released yet ;)

[World chat] iDeathcore:mod sallyd fake all report for fake name no crown!!!!

[World chat] myha da noob:why did i lose my jcreds from last reset?

[World chat] Mod Sallyd:Once released the game should be stable which = no resets

[World chat] Macconmidhe:Hey Salad =D

[World chat] Mod Sallyd:unfortunately we dont have crowns here

[World chat] X Runis X:Hello Salad :)

[World chat] Mod Sallyd:there's a thread in announcments

[World chat] Mod Sallyd:Hello Runis how goes!

[World chat] X Runis X:Ohh not much after my long grind to the DD in KAL ;p

[World chat] iDeathcore:sallyd what's the reward for wasting time every reset once ob ends?

[World chat] Ahm Rules:Will i be recompensated for this time, Mod Sallyd? I had 50 complimentary j credits and 3.2k rep before 2nd reset :(

[World chat] Chaosgone:Hi everyone!

[World chat] Straitg:if it resets tomorrow somebody remind me when beta is done XD

[World chat] 123hellobye:Why would they need to reset tomorrow? There doesn't seem to be any glitches

[World chat] iDeathcore:they already said there will be continuous resets through out the beta

[World chat] Rune Elite I:so jagex has reset the game again? awesome...

[World chat] Healooo:only if they need to reset it

[World chat] Mod Sallyd:It's in the developer's hands whether there is a reset

[World chat] DeeFencive:hi

[World chat] Macconmidhe:No, there has only been one reset. Red Dragon is simply undergoing maintenance, but there has not been a reset yet.

[World chat] Mod Sallyd:There's been some serious issues with Red Dragon so the developer has taken it offline to work on
[World chat] Mod Sallyd:This game is in no way related to Evony apart for the genre it shares

Here is the announcement from the forums she was talking about:

Dear Players,

Your support and feedback from the War of Legends Beta these past few days has been very valuable and much appreciated. We are working with the games’ developer to help them improve the game based upon your feedback. Unfortunately some game issues that have been encountered means that we are currently unable to guarantee the stability of the game worlds and as such we need to change the beta programme.

We have opened five additional game worlds which are restricted to 5,000 players per server.

We will have to reset these servers periodically during the remainder of the beta. Therefore we have disabled the ability for players to purchase further JCredits. Players who have previously purchased JCredits will be refunded and all participants in the Beta programme will be given complimentary JCredits.

We are actively working with the games’ developer to try and help them improve the stability of their game and we are confident that by working together with both the developer and the playing community we will be able to resolve the outstanding issues and open the game to everyone as soon as possible.

Thank you for your ongoing support and assistance and we look forward to seeing you in War of Legends.