Monday, March 23, 2009

Clan Chats

Clan chat groups are great for playing the mini games. Here are some of the ones that I use.

Evil Tree

Clan Chat: EvilTreeChat. If that is full, use EvilTreeCC.

What for: they look for the evil trees on all of the worlds. If you want help finding the evil trees, they are a good group.

How to use the chat: When reporting a tree, use the format of World/location/type/%left. For example, w66/draynor/yew/100%. When someone reports an evil tree, go to a spirit tree to be sent to the tree.

What not to do: Don't spam the chat, don't make a false report.

Quick find code: 75-76-154-58426454

Penguin Hunting

Clan Chat: PENGUINS W60. If that is full, use W60_PENGUINS, W60_PENGIES, or W60overflow1. The underscore is a space.

What for: They look for the penguins on World 60.

How to use the chat: First, look on the forum (QFC below) to see the location of the penguins on World 60 only. They change from world to world. Then, join the chat to see actually where the penguins are.

What not to do: Ask about penguins on other worlds than world 60.

Quick find code: 75-76-462-58540803

Stealing Creation

Clan Chat: Sc_Claymates

What for: For people who want to only skill in Stealing Creation, and not fight.

How to use the chat: Join the chat to see what world they are playing on.

What not to do: Do not fight or pickpocket others. Do not wear armor, but you must wield a bow, and no arrows. (So you don't attack anyone.) Do not tell people outside of the chat what world they are playing on. (To help keep pkers away.)

Quick find code: 72-73-604-58392059

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