Thursday, June 28, 2007

Runescape Glitch, Matrix Style

Runescape has had its share of glitches over the years. Jagex is quick to fix them, but they can be fun at times. This movie from the Animatrix series reminds me what happens when someone finds a glitch in a game: they have fun with it.

Part 1 of "Beyond"

Part 2 of "Beyond"

I wish I could find this glitch in real life. But then, I would be in the Matrix...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Some More RS Music Videos

First, we have Devo's "Whip It" from minniebannister.

Here's Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" from 2wongman.

Finally, here's "Runaway," also from 2wongman.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mr. Roboto - Runescape Style

Here's a funny Runescape video.

From: Sladeakakevin

This is what Autoers do, when no one is looking o.O.


I, dark arm3 do not use any macro technology at all, nor does anyone assosiated with this vid.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Dark Bow

Runescape released a new type of bow, the dark bow.

A new bow has made its way to RuneScape from the shadowy dimension of the dark beasts. These dark bows are strange and dangerous weapons, designed to shoot two arrows at a time, even with the most powerful arrows. Its mysterious special attack deals massive damage, which is even more powerful if you use it with dragon arrows.

Dark bows can only be obtained from the dark beasts that lurk along the path to the Light Temple. Although it requires a level 90 Slayer to take on a dark beast, level 60 rangers can use these tradeable dark bows. The dark bow is also the only bow that can fire dragon arrows!

You also now have access to a new cavern where eight more dark beasts lurk, just at the start of the Light Temple path.

Since my slayer level is not high enough, it will be a long time before I get one myself. But, letterbomb05 (97 range) has one. He was nice enough to make this movie showing the special attack with dragon arrows.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Game Improvements

Two of the game improvements released today really make me happy:

First up, we've rebalanced the crossbows to make them a really appealing option for rangers. This means that your crossbow will fire faster and hit harder. We've also made grapples tradeable at every stage in their construction. It was a bit odd having them untradeable as soon as you add a bit of rope. Onyx bolt tips bought from the TzHaar are also cheaper now. With all these adjustments, we feel that the crossbow is a really viable choice for the discerning ranger.

I’ve been working on Slayer and Ranging lately. I want to get my Ranging higher to help when I go with my friends to fight the Dagannoth Kings. To clean up bank space, I’m using the various bolts I have in the bank. So, having the crossbow will fire faster and hit harder is just what I need. Cool!

To save fletchers standing about looking as if they're doing nothing, we've added an animation to stringing bows. On top of this, you'll save quite a few clicks with the new 'String-all' option!

I have given up on stringing bows, since it had too much clicking. With this, it makes it fun again. I have 2k maple bows in the bank to string, so this will have fletching more fun. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hunting Imps

Jagex had added a new mini-game, Impetuous Impulses.

This week we are releasing dragon arrows and darts into the game. Yes, that's right, new dragon weaponry! Getting hold of them will be tricky, though: you will have to find and catch implings in a new Hunter mini-game, Impetuous Impulses. Chihiro has added a rabble of these naughty implings to the world.

Like their imp cousins, they are mischievous and can be found wandering around the oddest places. Implings like to collect things that people want, and if you learn how to hunt them down and capture them you will be able to pick up their loot. Of special interest will be the ultra-rare dragon implings that may be carrying the new dragon arrows and darts. But beware: only the most proficient hunters will be able to catch them.

To find the implings you can visit their home plane, Puro-Puro, by discovering the mysterious crops circles that will transport you there. You'll find many implings there, though most of them will be inexperienced implings who haven't learnt the best items to collect. You'll be able to run around their maze-like home with a butterfly net and try to catch them. They can fly over fences, though, so they may not be as easy to catch as you think.

You'll also find some of the implings wandering lost around the world. If you find a rare one, and are able to catch it, you'll get their loot without having to bother with cross-planar travel and crop circles. So keep your eyes peeled! Even if you can't catch a dragon impling yourself, maybe you can get a friend who can to help...
This is so cool! I have always liked the little imps. I liked the Christmas holiday event a couple of years ago where you could pick up the holiday imps, and shake them, to get their stuff. So, this should be fun, too!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Virtual Tutorial Island Emulator Parody. has written a Virtual Tutorial Island Parody based on Runescape. You don't log on to play it, so you don't have to worry about losing your account. You click on the screen to move around. Currently, they have 1,000 frames in the game.

The current quest is to make it to Varrock. Once there, you will receive your next quest.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Don’t Buy RuneScape Gold!

As you visit RuneScape fan sites, you will sometimes notice ads for buying RuneScape gold/items for real world money. While this might sound like a good way to get ahead in the game, it is against the rules. Jagex has said that they have reliable ways to trace this now, and will ban people who cheat this way.

But, you might ask, how can they know that you bought RuneScape Gold for real dollars? Well, Jagex will not tell you how they can figure it out. They don’t want the cheaters to know how they do it, in case the cheaters could find a way around it.
Will, being a programmer myself, I can can think of way they might do this to find the cheaters. But first, some background about the problem.

In order to have Runescape gold to sell for real money, you have to get the gold somehow. To do this, companies hire what are called “gold farmers”. These people are paid to play the game, and things to make money in the game: cut trees, fish, etc. They then give the trees or fish to someone to sell to a player for gold. Then the company they work for will sell the gold for real money. For more information on how this works, look at:

So, the following people are involved in selling the gold for real money:

1. The gold farmers.

2. The seller who sells the logs or fish.

3. The transfer person who gives the gold to a normal player.

4. The normal player, who paid real money to get the gold.

First off, let’s assume that Jagex can keep track of a player’s trading. Otherwise, Jagex could not ban anyone for trading in this way.

1. When a person reports a player that is a gold farmer, or is using macro, Jagex could make a note of the gold farmer player name.

2. When the gold farmer trades with the seller, Jagex notes the seller player name.

3. When the seller gives the gold to the transfer person, Jagex notes the seller player name.

4. When the seller trades with the normal player, Jagex notes their name, too.

5. Then, with that information, Jagex could ban the gold farmer player, the seller player, the transfer player, and the normal player. And, if the normal player transfers the gold from account to account, to hide where the gold came from, Jagex could ban all of those players, too.

So, since I can figure out a way that Jagex can do this, I believe them when they say “We have reliable ways to trace this now.” So, don’t buy gold/items for real world money. You will lose your account.

Friday, June 1, 2007 interviews Andrew Gower.

There is a new interview with Andrew of Jagex today.

The highlights of the interview are:

- They have 300 people working on development and support of Runescape.

- They have no plans to add in-game advertising.

- They have other games in development but are very aware that they shouldn't lose focus on advancing and growing RuneScape.

- "We are not currently planning on doing a console version of RuneScape in the immediate future but it is something that we are watching and when the time is right we might move in that direction. "