Monday, September 17, 2007

Shadowdancer Has Left the Building

Shadowdancer was quit Runescape, and from his movie on youtube, it sounds like this time it is for good.

I logged in yesterday morning to see I had 1 unread message. Cringing in horror as I do every day I see that I have more than 0 unread messages since that God-awful day where I discovered that Mod Laura W muted me for a week because she was bored, I read it. The title was "RuneScape Forums". Oh dear God, what now?

Lo and behold, that piece of garbage named Mod Dave awarded me my final forum strike. And it was for posting:
"The English language falls before your might."

Apparently that qualifies as flaming.

And I thought Jagex had a sense of humor? I guess not all of them.

You can read more at:

Good luck in real life, Shadowdancer. Maybe you should give BioShock a try.


adam brown said...

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chaosgone said...

The anti-lock breaking system diet? Sorry, Adam, I don't know what you are talking about. :)

Ass Monkey said...

I tried it, it chapped my ass.

Krn whole said...

Chapped my ass too.