Monday, June 18, 2007

Game Improvements

Two of the game improvements released today really make me happy:

First up, we've rebalanced the crossbows to make them a really appealing option for rangers. This means that your crossbow will fire faster and hit harder. We've also made grapples tradeable at every stage in their construction. It was a bit odd having them untradeable as soon as you add a bit of rope. Onyx bolt tips bought from the TzHaar are also cheaper now. With all these adjustments, we feel that the crossbow is a really viable choice for the discerning ranger.

I’ve been working on Slayer and Ranging lately. I want to get my Ranging higher to help when I go with my friends to fight the Dagannoth Kings. To clean up bank space, I’m using the various bolts I have in the bank. So, having the crossbow will fire faster and hit harder is just what I need. Cool!

To save fletchers standing about looking as if they're doing nothing, we've added an animation to stringing bows. On top of this, you'll save quite a few clicks with the new 'String-all' option!

I have given up on stringing bows, since it had too much clicking. With this, it makes it fun again. I have 2k maple bows in the bank to string, so this will have fletching more fun. :)

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