Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Dark Bow

Runescape released a new type of bow, the dark bow.

A new bow has made its way to RuneScape from the shadowy dimension of the dark beasts. These dark bows are strange and dangerous weapons, designed to shoot two arrows at a time, even with the most powerful arrows. Its mysterious special attack deals massive damage, which is even more powerful if you use it with dragon arrows.

Dark bows can only be obtained from the dark beasts that lurk along the path to the Light Temple. Although it requires a level 90 Slayer to take on a dark beast, level 60 rangers can use these tradeable dark bows. The dark bow is also the only bow that can fire dragon arrows!

You also now have access to a new cavern where eight more dark beasts lurk, just at the start of the Light Temple path.

Since my slayer level is not high enough, it will be a long time before I get one myself. But, letterbomb05 (97 range) has one. He was nice enough to make this movie showing the special attack with dragon arrows.

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BerttoeJr said...

I just found your blogger, wow this definitely brings back a lot of memories.