Friday, May 25, 2007

A new skill: Music!

Shadowdancer has suggested a new skill for Runescape. He wrote the following in the official forum. Quick find code: 24-25-401-44450587

This thread is the ultimate suggestion for adding a "Music" skill to RuneScape. I know several players have been clamouring for this for a long time now, and I have a fairly good idea of how it could be implemented.

First, some real-life history about the "Minstrel":
"A minstrel was a medieval European bard who performed songs whose lyrics told stories about distant places or about (real or imaginary) historical events. Though minstrels created their own tales, often they would memorize and embellish the works of others. Frequently they were retained by royalty and high society. As the courts became more sophisticated, minstrels were eventually replaced at court by the troubadours, and many became wandering minstrels, performing for common townsfolk. In this guise, minstrelsy was still well liked until the middle of the Renaissance, despite a decline beginning in the late 15th century. Minstrelsy fed into later traditions of itinerant entertainers, which continued to be moderately strong into the early 20th century, and which has some continuity down to today's buskers or street musicians."
Given that brief introduction as to what a minstrel was, I hereby propose that the skill be called: - "Minstrelry"
- "Minstrel"
- "Troubador"
- "Bardery"

Now, how will this relate to RuneScape?
Well, there is a single-player computer RPG series from the 1980s called "The Bard's Tale". I remember it well because one of the character classes you could be was a Bard, which was otherwise known as a minstrel/troubader - he/she could play a musical instrument and create a wide variety of different effects for not only him/herself but everyone he/she travelled with.

We already have a Lyre in RuneScape; however its function seems to be limited to being a teleportation device. But more on potential instruments later.

Some of the effects from this RPG series included:

"Song #1 - This tune increases the damage your party will do in combat, by driving them into a berserker rage."

"Song #2 - This song will produce light when exploring, and during combat it will increase the party's chance of hitting a foe with a weapon."

"Song #3 - This song will soothe your savage foes, making them do less damage in combat."

"Song #4 - This is an ancient Elven melody, which will heal the Bard'swounds during traveling, and heal the party's wounds during combat."

"Song #5 - This melody makes the members of your party more dexterous and agile, and thus more difficult to hit."

"Song #6 - This song sets up a partial 'anti-magic' field, which gives party members some increased protection against spell casting."

Some of those effects could easily be adapted to apply to RuneScape, such as playing a tune that, say, doubles hitpoint regeneration rate to all players with Accept Aid turned on and are in a 3 x 3 area of the minstrel/bard/troubador.

Now, as a skill, I feel that it might be set up this way:

Level 1: Can only play 1 song before losing voice/ability; can only play wooden wind instruments.

Level 5: Can play 2 songs before losing voice/ability;

Level 11: Can play 3 songs before losing voice/ability; can play wooden wind and stringed instruments.

Level 20: Can play 4 songs before losing voice/ability; can play wood wind, stringed, and percussion instruments.

Level 26: Can play 5 before losing voice/ability; can play pianos and church organs (playing a church organ regenerates prayer points for all in 5 * 5 area of player perhaps?).

Level 33: Can play metal instruments such as wind chimes? And so on. Now, losing voice/ability is a natural consequence and could be regained by visiting, say, an NPC that is skilled in musical arts.


There are several instruments that could be smithed/fletched/assembled or whatnot. Here's a smallish list:

- flute, wooden

- flute, metal

- Lyre (we already have this)

- Harp

- Fender Strat*caster. Ha, just kidding.

- Drums, simple wooden (built from carving wooden drums and having to skin snakes or something and tan the hides for the covering?)

- Bagpipes?

- Conch

- Horn, crafted from bronze perhaps

- Cello?

Now, all musical instruments ought to be two-handed. It's kind of hard to flick an Abyssal Whip at someone/something while trying to perform a war song...

Now, it bears mentioning that Jagex might want to control the songs we're
actually able to play in-game and not allow us to compose our own ditties. This is probably more feasable because if everyone tried to write their own music it would more than likely sound like an assault on the ears and some of us who can't carry a tune (much less compose one) might PK all of Varrock by accident.

So here it is. I am looking for suggestions for the following:

- Musical Instruments (an elaboration on specific types; how to build them, what materials needed, are they magical/enchanted, are they quest related, etc)

- Song Effects - Specific Level Powerups

Let's get brainstorming, shall we?

And please, no whistling.

I think it's a good idea. I have an idea for a quest for it.

The Music Quest

Talk to the Olaf the Bard in Relekka. He is working on a new song, and needs your help. He needs a new instrument to play the song on, a wooden flute. To make the flute, you will need a crystal knife, and a branch from the Dramen tree from Entrana.

To get the crystal knife, you talk toEluned, in Isfadar. She will make you a crystal knife, if you bring her an elf crystal and a “potion of change.” Mini quest to make the potion, and kill an Elf Warrior to get the crystal.

You use the crystal knife on the Dramen tree branch, to make the wooden flute. Then, to learn how to play it, you make a raw shark sacrifice at the Fossegrimen altar.

End of quest!

Reward: you can now play wooden flutes, and 5k exp for fletching.


Anonymous said...

i need to inform jagex about crafting more with gems.... in this article i have informed jagex
to make the skill in the crafting section "gem crafting" and in magic "animation"!!!

gem crafting:in this skill u can craft animals out of uncut gems and you can animate it from the new skill in magic animations.....

Anonymous said...

I have to be honest with you....

best idea ever!!! If jagex considers this, and they do make a music skill, I think it would put a skill in the game that is always fun to train:)

BTW I like your idea for the quest... I'm gonna see if I can e-mail jagex bout this.

I love music:)))

Anonymous said...

Bagpipes! I like! I'd love to play instruments. But snake skin?, why not cow hides, or goat skin, or pig skin! But I would say precussion first, as precussion is simpling slamming your hands or a stick onto a physical object. It may not b that simple, as patterns need to be known. But what about instruments learned in different areas, like the vikings teach celtic instruments. And why not african drums (or a celtic bodhran?) Anyway! I love the idea, I hope jagex takes to this. I'd love to play a bodhran in agame as well in real life!

TimmyCutts said...

i came up with an idea similar to this once, with fairly similar instruments (excluding bagpipes and cello). my idea was simply to have the making of instruments linked to the crafting skill and the playing of music separate... i also came up with the idea of the skill making the player sort of like one of the musicians that were added recently. you'd get a set amount of xp for just playing and then the more ppl listened to you, the more that xp would increase. now that i think of it, there could also be certain outfits, like jongaleur (yet another name for a bard) outfits.

TimmyCutts said...

oh... almost forgot. during the medieval era, what has been referred to as "minstrelry" in this post was traditionally called "bardism". it was, rather than a job, an actual art form. there were many, many skills required: musical talent, carisma, poetic abilities, etc. also, most bards were hired by monarchs, whereas minstrels/jongleurs would travel to various inns and taverns and earn their keep that way.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds Awesome!! but... for the quest, you shouldn't need to complete Regicide and Frem Trials to get acess to a skill! It should not have any requirements to get a new skill.